Past Poem on Nuclear Power

I wrote this poem in the 11th grade, and recently came across it. It may be a bit whimsical, but it’s still pretty cool to see a passion for the environment, even before my real studies began.

How many times a day

Do you hear on the TV set,

“Nuclear bombs, nuclear war,

Our country has too much financial debt!”


Living in the United States

Is not as easy as it used to be

With just under 7300 nuclear weapons

Now it seems that weapons are the only things running free


Constantly trying to balance

The usage of coal and nuclear power

Our country is largely at fault

For killing all of the flowers


Yet nuclear weapons may prove to be

An exciting breakthrough in science

If only the meaning behind them

Didn’t cause a breakage in countries’ alliances


Although many people believe

That nuclear weapons are only used for harm

The bi-products of fission

Set off more than just alarms


Made from not natural chemicals

Uranium and Plutonium are ahead of the game

Just by putting these two chemicals together,

Our world could head into a very deep shame


So, therefore we have to be careful

With the weapons that we obtain

Because if these weapons fall into the hands of the wrong people

It would cause our country much pain


But worrying about the future

Is only a small price to pay

For the possession of nuclear weapons, and other things as well,

Make the United States the strongest country everyday.