The Rising

It’s been over six months since my last post, and I will admit that in my off-line time, I’ve almost forgotten about the power of blogging. Writing is difficult to keep up with on a daily basis, especially when you believe in quality over quantity. Reading relevant, useful information that is well-thought out and delivered is always better than indifferent posts, published for the sake of adding content to one’s site. So until now, I’ve been in a bit of a hibernation.

Now that you understand why I’ve been dormant, let’s now delve into what I’ve actually been doing, seeing and thinking about in these past few months.

Goodbye Northwestern, hello real world essentially sums up what’s been going on. Between finishing classes, graduation ceremonies and saying goodbye to my previous home of four years, I’m now in a happy place: on my living room couch. Of course I am job hunting, but I am looking for the right opportunity, and I come closer to it every single day. I don’t believe in settling; it’s a principle I learned on my own, and one I am proud I now understand. Settling is for people who want to live life through someone else’s eyes. I don’t want to settle down a routine path and wait for opportunities to arise. I want to search for the right opportunity, place and people where I know I can make a difference and change the way others view the world. So yes, I’m unemployed and sitting on my childhood couch, home alone while all of my friends and family go to work, but I’m doing so much more than that.

In the time since I’ve been home from college, I’ve helped my electrical engineering father take apart a remote control with a broken screen, re-solder a new screen in place, and delve into the world of circuit-boards. I’ve become glued to my Nike FuelBand, and entered into the world of wearable computing, making lists-on-lists of improvements and applications that would pair beautifully with my device, all the while gamefying my own activity level and changing the way I view healthy living. I’ve traveled to Vermont, Florida and Chicago, experienced new people in new places, and now have a deeper understanding for where I want to spend my life and the people I want to spend it with. I’ve had time to read Twitter feeds, news articles and scientific advancements, and I have a deeper appreciation for brilliant minds. I’ve mapped out an exciting new mobile application, formulated new ideas and concepts daily that have challenged me how to think like an engineer and entrepreneur.

I feel remarkably fortunate to be able to live at home during this in-between period. Many people in our country and world do not have this liberty, and for that I will always be forever grateful. While I have this unique opportunity, I am taking the time to better myself and constantly asking questions and solving problems. I am honoring my environmental degree, but living as a life-long learner. I believe you should always strive to know more, and those who keep pushing themselves to find new answers are the ones who really change the way our world works. We will be a better society by challenging the way we exist in it, and I refuse to follow a path that will not allow me to be a game-changer.


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