Don’t Just Think Green- Act Green.

As an environmental science major, I do a ton of scholarly reading on climate change, environmental health and anthropological engagement on our planet. Reading after reading, academic after academic, I am fed similar information, all with an underlying message: humans are affecting our planet; we will soon be forced to change the way we live.

Humans are an adaptive species- but that doesn’t mean that the challenges we have yet to face won’t be difficult. Simply, with climate change comes climate responsibility. We can change our lifestyles, but we will be encouraged to make smart changes if there is any hope of helping to stabilize our planet.

Mother Earth needs us- and to be honest, it’s about time to pay her back for her hospitable endeavors. As creatures of her turf, we, as humans, have neglected her generosity. Human success and our own personal ambitions have blinded us of the unique privilege we have to be living on this planet. Guzzling energy, water and food while trying to personally succeed in our own lives will be worth nothing if we don’t have a place to live when the day is done.

For the past few years, the word “green” has taken on a new meaning in a colloquial context. Society understands what the green movement stands for- but as humans, we have yet to commit to a solution. Society needs activists- we need people that are going to get up and not stand for sluggish efforts. We need individuals to insist that the government, starting with our presidential candidates, advocate for clean energy. We need individuals to make conscious purchasing decisions, including thinking about where the final destination for certain goods will be. Most importantly, we need individuals to take the information that is right in front of them every single day, and ¬†do something¬†about it. It’s not only up to the climate activists and environmentalists- it’s up to the everyday citizen, and it can start with you.

As an environmentalist myself, I would like to start this blog with an official disclaimer: the reason I care about the environment is not because I am a tree hugger or bird lover (I actually despise birds), but because I love life. I want to live a long, healthy, fulfilled life, and I don’t want to grow up in a place that can no longer support human innovation. We are an unbelievable species- but we need to maintain the grounds on which we live. So ask yourself this, would you want to raise your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or cousins, in a community where we wear space suits to breathe and live off of corn and desalinated water? Sounds pretty abominable to me. So let’s do everything in our power to change that- let’s do everything in our power to keep where we live a green enough place to live in tomorrow.